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Suspended Fabric Displays

Suspended Fabric Displays

Overhead signage & exhibition rigging structures can be custom designed in a variety of large sizes and shapes.

Suitable for exhibition booths, retail & promotional applications.

(Default pricing is for double sided print – default pricing for fabric is Display Tex)

TexFrame Suspended Rigging Fabric Displays Portable


  • 46mm frame depth
  • Designs include straight, cube, curved, cylindrical or a combination of each
  • Curved sections are available in 3 different radiuses: Small 750mm, Medium 1500mm & Large 3000mm
  • Seamless textile prints
  • Brilliant high resolution image printing
  • Non reflective image surface
  • nterchangeable & washable fabric prints
  • Lighting options available
TexFrame Suspended 3000x3000 TexFrame Suspended 750rx1500 TexFrame Suspended 3000rx1200 TexFrame Suspended 3000rx1200+6000x6000stand
Suspended ​TexFrame 300x300cm Suspended ​TexFrame 75(radius)x150cm Suspended ​TexFrame  300(radius)x120cm Suspended ​TexFrame  300(radius)x120 + 600x600cm stand
TexFrame Suspended 3500x3500x1500 TexFrame Suspended 4000x4000x1600 TexFrame Suspended 6000x2200 TexFrame Suspended 6000x2400+750rx1000
Suspended ​TexFrame Cube 350x350x150cm Suspended ​TexFrame  Cube 400x400x160cm Suspended ​TexFrame  600x220cm Suspended ​TexFrame 600x240 + 750(radius)x150cm
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